Back to the Fundamentals of Mexican cuisine

First things first, let us explain what a guisado is. Guisados are stewed or braised dishes made from market fresh ingredients and typically found in traditional Mexican households. Just how our mother and grandmother used to make them, there are no shortcuts when it comes to cooking delicious comida casera (homestyle food). 

Established in 2016, Masa Guiseria is a family-owned pop-up dining experience that specializes in traditional Mexican guisados served on a made-to-order corn tortilla. Based in the Sacramento area, Chef and Owner, Alexander Mishkin, strives to take advantage of the abundance of farm fresh ingredients this region has to offer to recreate the familial flavors of each dish. Our menu, which features an array of delicious tacos de guisados, pays tribute to family recipes that have been perfected over generations. Our dishes follow an ancestral trail that began in Jalisco and culminated in Colima. Whether making each tortilla by hand using freshly ground nixtamalized corn or preparing every dish from scratch, there are no shortcuts in our kitchen! 

Guiseria, of course, is a play on words taken from guisado + taqueria and our style of cooking reflects our dedication and love toward both. The methodic cooking process we use in each dish, just like our grandmother and her mother did generations back, promises to deliver the burst of flavor in every tortilla and guisado.  Whether you're transported back to your childhood or walk away with a new appreciation of the depth of flavors our tacos have to offer, we aspire to connect people to the Mexican culture. Our goal is to leave an impression and create an experience that either takes you back or alters how you view traditional Mexican flavors moving forward.

¡Buen Provecho!